The Taylor lab’s newest addition

Despite the lack of activity on this site, the Taylor lab is in full swing. We have an animal protocol, reagents, and fridges! We had two new graduate students join the lab in IMG_6349.JPGSeptember (updates to come soon), along with several undergraduate researchers.

Last April, baby Willa made her appearance and took the honour as the the youngest Taylor lab member. While she’s a little young to pipette, she enjoys accompanying her mum (Anna) to the lab on occasion. Anna has been on maternity leave since April, and will be back in the lab full time in January.

If you are headed to SfN, come check out our newest data on Monday, November 5th in the session “Defining Dysbiosis in Disorders of Movement and Motivation” 8:30 am, where Anna will be presenting our project examining opioid-induced gut dysbiosis and the causal relationship with opioid dependent behaviours.


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