What goes where in a manuscript?

The following is an in depth review on what should go in a scientific manuscript or report. This information should be applied to any research report (i.e. undergraduate research write-up).

General Advice

Read. A lot. Publications or reports from our own lab will give you ideas on how to structure and word material, but don’t feel limited to our own work. The more you read the better your writing!  Read papers not just for content, but also structure and style. What works? What doesnt?

Write an outline. Sketch out your ideas in bullet point before writing. 

Seek feedback. Writing is an iterative process. Expect to write multiple drafts before reaching a ‘final’ version. Of course, I will provide feedback, but you should also seek out other opinions. Classmates, colleagues, and other professors are good sources. If you’re writing a document for a specialized audience (i.e. lay audience), be sure to have someone from that group take a look. 

Components of a Scientific Report